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San Antonio Hotels & Lodging Info

how to blow your money

This is the section you've been waiting for.  You want information on San Antonio hotels.  And preferably hotels near the San Antonio River Walk.  Here's where every traveler spends the biggest part of his dough.  If you're like me, I hate to spend a lot of money on an hotel where all I'm going to do is sleep.  But, I do want a safe, clean place.  And one, preferably that is not run down and has a good "feel" to it.  I'm going to make recommendations on San Antonio hotels that I would stay at.  I have not been into each and every one of the places mentioned, but I know where each place is located and I know downtown San Antonio and where most tourists are going to spend there time.  I know what the hotels look like, what's around them and if anyone has stayed there before.  So I feel very sure of my recommendations. 

Just so you know where I'm coming from, as the expression goes, I prefer inexpensive accommodations over expensive.  And I prefer smaller, intimate hotels where management might recognize me than the larger more mass oriented ones.  So my bias will be to that end.  And, all things being equal, I prefer hotels that have some historical significance over recently built chrome and glass ones.  But I'll tell you about each one so you can make your own decision.


First, I recommend you look for the red star on the map.  This is the center of the tourist area and you will want to find a place as close to this star as you can afford.  Of course, you can stay farther away, and if you have a car that may be the smart thing to do.  But, if you are without a car, then the recommendation stands: Stay close to the star.  But don't get carried away with this concept, most every hotel I mention is reasonably close enough not to worry about it.  See also my map of hotels downtown.  Why stay close to the star?  Because most of the sights you will be enjoying are centered around the star location.  And particularly at night, it will be much easier to crawl to your hotel room, after having had one too many margaritas, if it's somewhere close to the nightlife of the Riverwalk.  


Be sure and check out my list of recommended San Antonio hotels.

And after reviewing the above list check out my personal San Antonio hotel picks...

Here's a San Antonio Hotel site that copied my hotel map.  I list it because it's a good site.  It's more expansive than my hotel map as it lists hotels farther away from the action than I would recommend staying.  But it serves a purpose of showing the location of hotels many of you inquire about that are not on my map.  And I commend them for the fine job they do of furnishing information about each hotel.  Only problem I see is that they are missing the new Hotel Contessa.

Now I realize everyone has their own opinion about hotels.  And I'll confess that my opinion is no better than the next person's.  And as I don't make any money on steering you to any particular hotel I have no reason to be anything but honest in what I tell you.  But just to provide you, the tourist, with as much information as possible to make your own decision on where to stay, here are two web sites that I've found, when creating this web, that provide their own opinion of what is good: Trip Advisor and Citysearch.  Check them out for confirmation of your decision.








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