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San Antonio Riverwalk Map of Downtown

The thumbnail below is a San Antonio map of downtown.  Outlined in the colored area is where tourists will spend 95% of their time.  This includes the downtown San Antonio River Walk restaurant and bar area, the Alamo, Rivercenter Mall with its Imax theater, Farmer's Market area, La Villita and the historic, but not overly scenic, areas of Main Plaza and Military Plaza.  Furthermore, within this area, most tourists will spend their time people watching along the Riverwalk area which is essentially the looped area of the river as seen on this map.

sa map small 1.gif (83918 bytes) Larger version of downtown map 250K


Ignore the numbered markers on these maps.  This map is taken from my book: Wild West Frontier Town, A Guide Book to San Antonio, and these numbers correspond to stops listed in my book.  If you are interested in the history of San Antonio and want to get a real flavor of it you can't do better than to get this book.

Note the red star on the map.  This is the center of the entertainment/ historical area of San Antonio.  It is your job to find a hotel room as close to this star as your pocketbook allows.  In so doing, you will have the easiest time getting around, and for that matter, getting home in the evening.  Being the most trafficked area you will also feel the safest here, particularly at night when you will want to roam the Riverwalk area for the restaurant and entertainment venues.  


Now, if you want a great San Antonio Riverwalk map I must refer you to a map produced and sold by a friend of mine, Dudley Hays.  One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, he got Stuart Seal, another friend, to draw a 3-D map which shows all the key sights downtown. Great San Antonio Riverwalk Map.

Picture is down for editing.  But click here to visit You Are Here maps! This is a great map of downtown.  I highly recommend it!

Here's a hotel web site I just found which really has a decent set up to locate hotels.  Click on the hotel chain's name on the right side and then click on the map button and zoom in to the location.  I find it useful but of course I already know the downtown layout.  I list it here only as another arrow in your quiver of information you may find helpful.

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