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An Historical Tour of Downtown San Antonio

A Travel Guide to San Antonio Attractions

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Notice to everyone, I'm holding off selling any more books until I take inventory.  I think I'm down to only a dozen or so.

Get this travel guide!  Have I misled you yet?  For the price of a top-shelf margarita you can have a keepsake of your trip to SA.  And, heavens to Betsy, you will learn something to boot.  Listen, first, I'll autograph the tour book for you, second, it will serve as your personal tour guide while in town, third, you may write in it your personal notes of the places visited, and fourth, besides your t-shirt, sombrero and shot glass, it will be one of the few things you will take home and actually keep as a momento of your stay in town.  But, if you need more convincing then read on.

I'm so sure you'll both use and enjoy this book I offer you a money back guarantee.  If for whatever reason you're not delighted with this book just return it to me and I'll refund you your entire purchase price.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Now you have no excuse but to order one today. 

You've really found the one book that really ties all the history of the city together.  This is not a walking guide.  Or, rather, it is a walking guide but you do not need to use it as such.  

San Antonio is an old town, coming on 300 years!  And the old lady has a pulse and feel all its own.  It's not some chrome and glass modern city.  The meanderings of the river through town, the enormous cypress trees along the banks, the ancient but still serviceable buildings like the Alamo, San Fernando Cathedral and Governor's Palace all have a story.  And without this guidebook you won't begin to uncover the lady's old secrets.  Yes, you will see the River Walk, but that's like seeing a woman physically, from the outside, without getting to know her on the inside, her mind and what makes her special. 

As a native of this great city, I'm asking you to get to know the city as I know her.  My goodness, Texas as we know it was started right here in this town.  Right downtown.  In fact it was on Soledad St., where Stephen Austin sought a land grant from the local authorities which started the U.S. migration to Texas.  You will be walking by locations where famous people have trod and unless you have this guide you will be completely oblivious to what has transpired right at your feet.  

This inexpensive guide is an excellent tourist guide to the historical attractions in San Antonio.  If you don't wish to walk the described route you will, nevertheless, find yourself at most of the locations highlighted along the route (see route map.)  For the simplest use I suggest you carry the guidebook with you and when near a location refer to the map to identify the numbered spot and turn to the appropriate chapter for my commentary.  

You do not need this tour guidebook if you can answer the following questions:

1. Where are the defenders of the Alamo buried?

2. Was Davy Crockett killed during the Battle of the Alamo or was he executed afterwards?

3. Were there any Alamo survivors from the Battle of the Alamo?

4. What ever became of Santa Anna, the Dictator of Mexico, in later life?

5. Were there any Americans in the Mexican Army that invaded Texas?

6. Why is Kendall County (north of San Antonio) named after George Kendall who founded the New Orleans Picayune newspaper in 1837?

7. What role did San Antonio play in the American Revolution?

8. Why was San Antonio such a popular town?

9. What role did San Antonio play with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders?

10. Were there really Indians battles around these parts?

 I could go on and on and on, but you get the point.  There's a whole lot of information packed into this small book that you are not going to get anywhere else.

If you wish to know more go to Tourist Guide to see a table of contents for the book and learn how to order a copy in advance of your trip.




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