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A Guide to San Antonio Attractions, Hotels, Tourism and Riverwalk 

Welcome!  You've found the premier site on San Antonio, Texas.  Want to know about our historical sites, tourist attractions, important museums, art galleries, restaurants, hotels and world famous Riverwalk?  You'll find it all here.  You also get, free of charge, my suggested itineraries by which to see as much of all this important stuff as possible.  And best of all, I throw in a map of hotel locations better than anything on the web.  The best of San Antonio worth seeing is mentioned here. 

How do I know all this?  Because I was born and raised here.  I know this place intimately and I intend to share with you the inside scoop on the goings on in San Antonio.  I love this city and I want you to love it too.  

Here's a recent unsolicited comment from a Canadian visitor who used the web site for planning his trip:

Just a quick email to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed our recent visit to your wonderful city and our stay at the Westin Riverwalk. The walking guide we received from you provided us some excellent advice and we used it a lot. The souvenir map you recommended on your website was also very helpful. We particularly enjoyed the walking tour you suggested, having brunch at the Guenther House and touring the King William area. My wife enjoyed exploring the Menger Hotel.We enjoyed touring the Alamo, El Mercado and La Villita. We thoroughly enjoyed the boat tour of the Riverwalk. Finally your restaurant recommendations were bang on and we particularly enjoyed Boudros and Paesanos. Thanks again and we hope to visit San Antonio again.


And another unsolicited comment from Ashley:

I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your website when doing searches on San Antonio.  I most utilized your website for the hotel selection (we went with Omni La Mansion del Rio) and you would have thought it was the Texas bible as much as I put trust in the recommendations (apparently, you sounded like you knew what you were talking about).  We also referenced your itinerary and found it very helpful.  I would recommend you adding to your itinerary the new part of the Riverwalk that was recently opened up (and if you get to the top of the river (the new part) right at 8:30 p.m. then you can see the bats.  We suggested to the Riverboat Tour folks to offer a Bat Tour where you are guaranteed to see the bats since we boarded a riverboat at 7:15 at Landry's and didn't get to the top of the river until 8:45 missing the bats.  An official bat tour would guarantee you to see the bats.  Nonetheless, LOVED your site and have already recommended it to others.  Thanks for providing this for us tourists.

I give suggestions of what to see and, most importantly, what not to see.  Which hotels to stay in and which to avoid.  I'll tell you at which restaurants the locals go to eat and where we wouldn't be caught dead.  And, as a native, I know well the downtown area, the tourist attractions and the Riverwalk; so I'll steer you away from the not so safe areas.



Read what the New York Times has to say about San Antonio.

Stop!  Wait just one moment!  Slow down.  Let me guess, you are google searching for San Antonio information and somehow stumbled upon my site.  This site is not easy to find as the competition for the words "San Antonio" is terrific.  Now that you're here go get a cup of coffee, put on something comfortable and sit back and peruse the site.  You don't need to go anywhere else.  I've got everything covered here that you will want or need.  So quit your speed reading through the web and just relax for a moment. 

There's a whole lot to see, read about and absorb in this web site.  I've made it as complete as possible, a one stop shop.  If you can't find reference to something here, it's just not worth doing.  Really, don't waste any more time searching for info on the web.  Every link necessary is found here.  And, if you have any questions, no matter how far out they are, post them on my ask me any question bulletin board.  I, or perhaps someone else, will answer them there.

So let's dig in:  Here's some links to start you off:

bulletA listing of well located downtown Hotels
bulletMy personal hotel recommendations
bulletHere's a very useful map of downtown hotels
bulletList of attractions I recommend.
bulletA few very fine eating establishments.  Also see the Miscellany page for links to city wide polls of the best eating places in San Antonio, including places along the River Walk.
bulletMy suggested itinerary for a visit, made for one to three day visits.
bulletSchedule of upcoming events
bulletA page of great links you might find useful.
bulletSite map.



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