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San Antonio Tourist Attractions & Things to Do

I've been hosting visitors to San Antonio for a long time.  That doesn't necessarily give me any special credentials but, having been both tourist and host, I feel I have some idea what people are interested in doing and seeing when it comes to San Antonio.

Paramount, of course, is the Riverwalk area.  The City is trying to expand the Riverwalk northwards towards the San Antonio Museum of Art, but it's many years from actually coming to pass.  Technically, the Riverwalk is the sidewalk area along the San Antonio River.  There is the possibility for businesses and hotels to pry on the technicality and say they are along the Riverwalk, however they are nowhere near the restaurant and club scene.  The Riverwalk restaurant/club scene is really a very short stretch of the River, although many businesses are jumping into the tourist industry and slowing expanding up river the entertainment area.   What a local person would normally consider the Riverwalk area to be is the horseshoe bend portion of the river from roughly the Drury Inn & Suites to The Westin Hotel.  If you want to visually see this area, the best way is to look at Dudley's superb map of the Riverwalk area, side 2 (Dudley sometimes changes the maps on his web page, so side 2 (not map 2, it's actually map 6) may not be showing).  A picture is worth a thousand words and I can't think of a better way for you to get a handhold on the area than to refer to this map.

This is a most pleasant area to enjoy an early morning or evening stroll.  Expect, however, the crowds, so 'tis best in the morning.  Nevertheless, you will be there.  No one who comes to San Antonio doesn't stroll along the river (how's that for double negatives).  Here you will rest from your other doings; and have a meal or just people watch while enjoying a tequila.  But besides this, don't expect much else there.  One can only walk so many times along this short path until one decides there's got to be more to the city than the Riverwalk.

So I propose the following for your amusement and enjoyment: 

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