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One day stay Two day stay Three day stay

Suggested San Antonio Tours

Here's some suggested itineraries for touring San Antonio:

San Antonio Tour - One day blitzkrieg trip through San Antonio

San Antonio Tour - A not quite frazzled two day stay

San Antonio Tour - A more civilized three day stay


One visitor chided me for not recommending to her that she take a barge ride about the river.  O.K., I confess I'm duly chagrined.  So let it be here advised that I do recommend a barge ride.  It used to be that the barge operators were fairly ignorant of what it was you were passing by on the river, but now they have been trained and some are really quite good at telling you about the river walk area.  Note also that there are some barges that are strictly river taxis.  They don't give any narration but they are cheaper when trying to get from one place to another on the river.  And I think it would be quite fun to take one on the way to dinner.

Although I haven't incorporated it into my itineraries I thought you should know about it because it seems like fun.  There's a Segway tour operator downtown that runs tours on those two wheel gyroscopically controlled vehicles.  Costs $65 for a 3 hour tour.



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