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San Antonio Best of the Best Links

And be sure to check out the Miscellany page for other great links. 


Current Event & Entertainment links  

Here are a bunch of links that give you ideas of what to do and what's scheduled for the future.

bulletEntertainment section from our local newspaper: San Antonio Express-News.  This section principally furnishes reviews of coming events within the next week.
bulletSan Antonio Current.  The local independent rag lists current events.
bulletEvent listing of our Convention and Visitor's Bureau
bulletEvent listings hosted by Arts San Antonio
bulletPaseo del Rio Association schedule of events along the San Antonio Riverwalk
bulletConvention & Visitor's Bureau listing of Major Events of the Year  Another good source of future events.
bulletSan Antonio's Office of Cultural Affair's Calendar of EventsThis is a really good source for a variety of cultural events.


San Antonio River Barge Rides.  Prices and hours of operation.

There's a vendor downtown that runs tours on Segways.  You know, those two wheel, gyroscopically balanced, supposed to revolutionize transportation do-a-ma-gigs.  Costs $75 for a 3 hour tour.  I've visited with the owner and he  took me around for a free demo.  They are fun and everyone looks at you as you roll down the sidewalks. 

Majestic Theater-Touring Broadway productions

Try also Ticketmaster for San Antonio events and buy your tickets before you get here.

Lyric Opera's schedule.

Carver Community Cultural Center, events schedule.

Check out my page devoted to San Antonio River Walk links and community based San Antonio Attractions.


Links listed elsewhere in SanAntonioInsider.com

www.urheremap.com Great 3-D style map of San Antonio Riverwalk area

Via Bus Co.  San Antonio's bus company.  Place to find the bus schedules and routes to locations in town.


Here's a potpourri of links that may be of service.

Planning on being in San Antonio for a while.  Want to meet some nice people?  Consider joining the San Antonio Adventure Club.  This is a real nice group of people who just like to get together for things as simple as going to a movie to more adventurous activity.  Check out their web page.  You may decide to join and register for an activity before you get here.  It's a safe and easy way to get immediately involved with some locals.  Additionally, if you enjoy parties check out this link. PARTI Calender  It's a resource link to information on some of the best parties in town.  You could live here a long time without stumbling upon someone who would know about this.  (By the way, they won't tell you this, but PARTI stands for People Always Ready To Indulge.) 

San Antonio Rampage, our official ice hockey team.

Discount tickets!  This site was recently reworked and is now functional again.  From the home page of SASave find your way to the "Attractions" page and there you can click on the attraction of your choice and get discount tickets.  You'll have to give your email address but that's a small price to pay.

There are so many local civic organizations that I'm even losing tract of who does what.  Here's one that you may find of assistance to you.  Centro San Antonio (a Public Improvement District organization) maintains a staff of people they call Ambassadors about downtown.  They are dressed like the guy on the right in the photo, and their job is to help you in anything you may need including safety escorts.  We know which side our bread is buttered on!


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