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Who I am

Me and one of my best friends  (Oh, I'm the one on the right.)


Hi.  My name is Tom Woodley and I was born and raised in San Antonio.   And, except for a few years at The University of Texas (oops, just lost all my Aggie readers) I've lived here all my life.  I enjoy traveling and when in a new place I always appreciate it when someone tells me about a particular place I should see or perhaps avoid.  I want to know the inside scoop about the town, what's good and what's hype.  I want to know where the locals hang out and what they do; how they see the town in which they live.  So, figuring that there were people in this world like me, people who would like to know the same things, but about San Antonio, I began this web site.

You're asking, what makes me the expert?  Nothing particularly, except having traveled extensively I have some understanding of what tourists expect and like.  But specifically, regarding things of an historical nature, I have extensively researched San Antonio and Texas history and have written a guide book devoted to the history of downtown San Antonio.  Research which gives me some basis from which to tell you what I think is historically significant in town. 

But I want to give you more than just a history lesson.  I want to introduce to you what I think is the good part of San Antonio.  You won't find me making blissful Visitor's Bureau like claims that life in San Antonio is all Shangri-la, that there's no bad hotel, restaurant or section in town.  That's a bunch of malarkey.  There's so much on the web and it's all touting how great each attraction or restaurant is.  You won't get that from me.

Besides being born here, I still live here.  You'd be surprised how many web pages devoted to San Antonio are hosted by people in other cities.  Just the fact that I live here means I've got my ear to the ground as to what's new and what's hot.  So any recommendations I make are based on what's happening at this very moment.  You're not reading some web page that's updated only once a year, if that often. 

Enough already.  Let me close by saying that I hope you enjoy the web site.  If it's helped you please let me know, send me private feedback if you've got a problem you need resolved and/or sign my guest book.  If you've got a question, any question at all about San Antonio ask me on my special Ask Any Question page.   If there's something else you wish I had put down, let me know that also.  I'll tailor the site to those who need it and use it.  Most of all, enjoy your visit. 

To contact me write to:
Tom Woodley
340 Montclair Ave, Suite 102
San Antonio, Texas 78209


Hate mail may be directed to:
Osama bin Laden
c/o 1st Cavalry U.S. Army
A Cave in the Mountains of Afghanistan
Eastern Afghanistan


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